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FREE with any e-collar purchase! Only available at, this 40 page e-collar training manual offers step by step instruction to help maximize the success of your dog training experience.

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Electronic Collar Training eBook

If you want to learn to effectively train your dog in as little as two weeks and you want to do it just like the pros, this E-collar Training Manual is the perfect solution. An absolute must for individuals without e-collar dog training experience, this comprehensive guide offers an abundance of helpful information to assist you with all aspects of obedience training, solving behavioral issues and phasing out your e-collar when the time comes.

This e-collar training manual is designed to provide pet owners and dog trainers alike with a thorough understanding of common dog training terminology, the features available with most electric dog trainers, the most effective operating techniques, and the procedures that are vital to properly training dogs with and without an e-collar.

Enjoy an abundance of powerful information, helpful advice, and detailed, step by step training assistance from professional dog trainer Byron Pappageorge when you download this fascinating 40 page e-collar training manual.

Features Include:

40 powerful pages of instructional material not offered by other e-collar dealers

Chapter 1: Introduction to Basic Dog Training

Understanding How Dogs Learn: Includes topics like operant conditioning, communication, attitude, consistency, individuality and timing

E-Collar Training Introduction: An introduction to how e-collars work, training with remote collars, stopping behavioral problems and reinforcing learned behaviors

Getting Started: Learn about the e-collar and lesson plan, how to properly fit your new collar, tips for setting the stimulation level and using the continuous, momentary, tone and vibration features, and how to prevent your dog from becoming “collar wise”

Chapter 2: Basic Obedience Program

A comprehensive 4 week step by step guide to help you master basic obedience training

  • Week One: Recall- Teach the “come” command with and without the e-collar
  • Week Two: The Sit Command- Teach the “sit” command with and without the e-collar
  • Week Three: The Stay Command- Teach the “stay” command with and without the e-collar
  • Week Four: The Heel Command- Teach the “heel” command with and without the e-collar

Chapter 3: Solving Behavior Problems

Includes information about helpful pre-training tips and the most effective techniques for eliminating problematic behaviors. Addresses:

  • Jumping Up
  • Digging
  • Chewing
  • Chasing
  • Eating Forbidden Foods
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