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Wireless Fencing

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  1. PetSafe Free to Roam Wireless Fence

    The Free to Roam Wireless Fence™ system covers a circular area up to 1/2 acre with no trenches to dig or wires to bury at a fraction of the cost of a traditional physical fence. The fence transmitter is portable for RVs, cabins, and rental houses. Just plug the transmitter into a standard outlet near the area where you want to contain your pet. The transmitter communicates with your pet's waterproof receiver collar and helps keep him in the designated area. The Free to Roam receiver collar is ergonomically designed for comfort and sized for pets weighing 5 pounds or more. Choose from 5 adjustable levels of static correction to find just the right level for your pet, plus tone only mode which warns your pet with a beep. With just a few short training sessions, you'll create a secure boundary for your pet to enjoy freedom and fun!

    Regular Price: $329.99

    Special Price $289.95

  2. PetSafe Stay+Play Wireless Fence

    The Stay+Play Fence is a ¾ of an acre, portable, wireless fence for all size dogs.

    Regular Price: $349.99

    Special Price $309.95

  3. PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

    Trusted and true, our original Wireless Pet Containment System keeps pets happier while you breathe easier. A simple signal from a small unit in your home to your dog’s collar is all it takes. They learn their new yard boundaries quickly and comfortably, and the collar will remind them with a tone or static correction if they forget. Before you know it, it’s all happy playing and no random straying. Covering an area up to ½ acre, it’s portable, requires no buried wires, and sets up in 1-2 hours.

    Regular Price: $299.99

    Special Price $269.95

  4. PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence

    PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence

    Regular Price: $89.99

    Special Price $69.95

  5. PetSafe Pawz Away Threshold Pet Barrier

    PetSafe Pawz Away Threshold Pet Barrier is a wireless stair and doorway barrier for your pet

    Regular Price: $109.99

    Special Price $94.95

  6. DE Systems Border Patrol TC1

    The Border Patrol TC1 can Track, Train, and Contain your dog for up to 2 miles.

    Regular Price: $699.99

    Special Price $599.99

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6 Item(s)

Totally portable and with a setup time of just minutes, wireless dog fence for dogs let you take the fence wherever you take your dog. These units are a great choice for use at home and when traveling away from home. An invisible electric fence creates a circular containment field only and, depending on the model, can be adjusted to as little as 15ft and up to 1 mile in diameter.