PetSafe Healthy Dog & Cat Water Fountain

  • Automatic water dispenser
  • Available in 3 sizes: 64 oz., 128?oz., and 320 oz.
  • For cats and dogs of any size
  • Gravity-replenished design with flow control valve
  • Stainless steel bowl and BPA-free reservoir
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PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station

Keep your pet hydrated with a constant flow of fresh water using the self-replenishing PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station. This automatic water dispenser for cats and dogs uses gravity to refill your pet’s bowl and give them access to fresh water whenever they want it. This pet water station comes in 64-ounce, 128-ounce, and 320-ounce water capacity sizes, so you’re sure to find the right size for your pet.

The PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station has a removable reservoir that holds extra water. You can carry it over to the sink for a refill and then attach it back to the water station. The reservoir locks in place to keep the water supply fresh and prevent spills. As your thirsty pet drinks from the bowl, gravity draws water from the reservoir and feeds the bowl through a flow control valve. The valve prevents overflowing.

This pet water station comes with a removable stainless steel bowl. Stainless steel is the #1 material veterinarians recommend to support cleanliness and pet health. The pet bowl is more hygienic, tarnish-resistant, and won’t rust.

With this automatic dog and cat waterer, you have the option of using the compatible Healthy Pet Water Filters. Filters help remove foul odors and tastes from your pet’s water, keeping it fresh, clean, and great-tasting.

The PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station is easy to set up and disassemble. All components can be put in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. You can also clean the pieces manually by brushing them with a sponge/brush, dishwashing soap, and water. Cleaning the pet water station regularly prevents buildup and keeps the water supply fresh and clean.

PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station Features

  • Automatic waterer for cats and dogs of any size
  • Available in 3 water capacity sizes: 64 oz., 128?oz., and 320 oz.
  • Gravity-replenished design automatically refills the bowl with fresh water from the reservoir
  • Flow control valve prevents overflowing
  • Removable BPA-free hopper locks in place to prevent spills
  • Removable stainless steel bowl is hygienic, rust-resistant, and tarnish-resistant
  • Optional help keep your pet’s water fresh and clean
  • Wide opening makes refilling and cleaning by hand as simple as can be
  • Space-saving footprint
  • All parts are dishwasher safe

Dog & Cat Water Fountain Includes

  • Water reservoir
  • Stainless-steel bowl
  • Flow control valve
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