PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Dog & Cat Water Fountain

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  • Great for pets of all sizes or multiple pets
  • 1.3-gallon water capacity
  • Carbon filter and plastic pre-filter to keep water fresh
  • Free-flowing stream with adjustable flow
  • BPA free plastic material is dishwasher safe
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PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Dog & Cat Water Fountain

The PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Water Fountain is a simple way to provide your furry family members with a continuous source of fresh, flowing water. This pet water fountain holds 1.3 gallons (168 oz.) of water, making it ideal for cats, dogs of all sizes, or multiple pets.

Drinkwell® Platinum pet fountain has the same patented free-falling water stream as the original Drinkwell ®, which encourages cats and dogs to drink more. Pets are drawn to running water and with this pet water fountain, you can keep yours happy, healthy, and hydrated. Increased hydration is important because pets need 1 oz. of water per 1 lb. of body weight every day.  The adjustable flow allows you to customize the water flow based on your pet’s preference, so even the timidest pet will be comfortable drinking from the fountain.

This Drinkwell pet fountain is designed with water freshness and cleanliness in mind. It comes with a plastic pre-filter to catch debris and pet hair before they reach the motor. An activated carbon filter removes bad odors and tastes from the water. The pet fountain pump continually circulates the water to aerate it with healthful oxygen and help prevent bacteria growth. All these combined give your pet the best possible way to stay hydrated.

Another great thing about this pet water fountain is the removable water reservoir. As your furry friend drinks water, the reservoir automatically refills the fountain bowl to maintain capacity and extend the time between refilling your fountain. Also, the reservoir has a snap-on lid to prevent accidental spilling. When the water is running low, simply remove the reservoir to refill.

Cleaning this PetSafe water fountain is as easy as disassembling the fountain and washing the parts in the top shelf of the dishwasher. The fountain pump should be hand washed separately.

Drinkwell Platinum Dog & Cat Water Fountain Features

  • Holds 1.3 gallons (168 ounces) of fresh, filtered water
  • Great for cats, dogs of all sizes, or multiple pets
  • Free-falling water stream entices pets to drink more
  • Snap-on reservoir increases capacity and makes refills easy
  • Adjustable flow to customize the water flow for your pet
  • Plastic pre-filter catches debris and pet hair
  • Carbon filter removes bad odors and tastes
  • Submersible pump for nearly silent operation
  • Rubber feet to prevent sliding and tipping
  • Durable and lightweight BPA free plastic
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe (pump to be hand washed separately)
  • Compatible with Drinkwell® pet fountain pump and fountain filters

Dog & Cat Water Fountain Includes

  • 1.3-gallon water capacity
  • Great water fountain for cats and small, medium and large-sized dogs
  • Snap-on water reservoir helps maintain water level of the fountain bowl and makes refills easy
  • Free-falling water stream with adjustable flow
  • Plastic pre-filter catches pet hair and debris
  • Carbon filter removes bad tastes and odors
  • Rubber feet on the fountain prevent it from slipping on the floor
  • BPA free plastic material is durable and lightweight
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only (hand wash pump separately)
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